Minster Medical Practice

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Our nurses and doctors run a number of clinics. Please see our clinic times below.

  • Baby Immunisation Clinic (Please see the Vaccination Schedule for detailed information)
  • Diabetic Clinic (Nurse led)
  • Asthma Clinic (Doctor led)
  • Smear Clinic (By appointment with the Practice Nurse)
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic (By appointment with Practice Nurse)
  • Minor Surgery (By appointment with your Doctor)

Nurse Clinics

Our Nurse Practitioner is available by appointment every day to see patients with any newly presenting problems. She is able to assess, diagnose, refer and prescribe medication if required.

Our practice nurses are available by appointment for general nursing duties, e.g. dressings, immunisations, ear syringing etc, which the Doctor may arrange.

Clinic Times

Antenatal Clinic (Midwife): Thursday: 09:30 – 12:00, by appointment; Tuesday: Booking clinic via invitation letter from the Midwife

Baby Immunisation Clinic: By appointment with the practice nurse.

Diabetic Clinic (Nurse Led): By appointment with the practice nurse

Asthma Clinic: By appointment with the Doctor